MxR Architecture

mxr-figure02MxR Architecture, my MS thesis project, mixes physical and virtual models together in a single interface. Using Mixed Reality, virtual models can be superimposed over real models in real-time, allowing the designer/user/client to make changes, simulate sun angles, run agents studies, add components as well as transition to a fully-immersive VR view at any time.

Check out the this video for the basic interaction…


MxR – pronounced “mixer” – is a Mixed/Augmented Reality system intended to support collaboration during early phases of architectural design.  MxR allows an interdisciplinary group of practitioners and stakeholders to gather around a table, discuss and test different hypotheses, visualize results, simulate different physical systems, and generate simple forms.  MxR is also a test-bed for collaborative interactions and demonstrates different configuration potentials, from exploration of individual alternatives to group discussion around a physical model.  As a MR-VR transitional interface, MxR allows for movement along the reality-virtuality continuum, while employing a simple tangible user-interface and a MagicLens interaction technique.

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