University of Washington – Seattle, WA – 2008 – Masters of Science in Design Computing, College of Built Environments

Brown University – Providence, RI – 2002 – Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cognitive Science and Philosophy – Magna Cum Laude


Robert McNeel and Associates – Seattle, WA – 2013 – Present – Software Developer
Project Manager and Software Developer, Rhino for Mac.  Mobile Developer, iRhino 3D & RhinoMobile.

LMN Architects – Seattle, WA – 2008-2012 – Design Technologist
Founding manager of LMN tech studio. Responsible for firm-wide simulation, visualization, parametric design, & digital fabrication initiatives.

ARToolworks, Inc. – Seattle, WA – 2007-2008 – Interaction Designer
Responsible for project design, development and implementation of interactive Augmented Reality (AR) applications.

Human Interface Technology Lab – Seattle, WA – 2002-2003 – Researcher
Designed and conducted user-studies with co-located collaborative AR interfaces.  Extensive experience with ARToolKit & position tracking.

Virtual Environment Navigation Lab – Providence, RI – 2000-2002 – Research Assistant
Responsible for design, modeling, maintenance, and collection of data in fully immersive Virtual Reality navigation experiments.


D. Belcher and B. Johnson (2008). “MxR: A Physical Model-Based Mixed Reality Interface for Design Collaboration, Simulation, Visualization and Form Generation.” Proceedings of the Association for Computer Aided Design In Architecture, October 16th-19th, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

D. Belcher and B. Johnson (2008). “ARchitectureView: An Augmented Reality interface for viewing 3D Building Information Models.” Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe 2008), September 17th-20th, Antwerpen, Belgium.

D. Belcher, X. Zhang, A. Vijayakanthan, T. Furness (2008). “JITC3: Just-In-Time Augmented Reality Command and Control Center for Emergency Response.” Urban Mixed Realities: workshop. Proceedings of the 26th Annual ACM sigCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2008), April 5th-10th, Florence, Italy.

D.Belcher, M.Billinghurst, S.E. Hayes, R. Stiles (2003). “Using Augmented Reality for Visualizing Complex Graphs in Three Dimensions,” Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2003), October 7-10th, 2003, Tokyo, Japan, pp 84-92.

M. Billinghurst, D. Belcher, A. Gupta, K. Kiyokawa (2003). “Communication Behaviors in Co-located Collaborative AR Interfaces,” International Journal for Human Computer-Interaction, Vol. 16, No. 3: pp. 395-423, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

D. Belcher (2002). “Route Selection and Learning: Experiments in the Behavioral Dynamics of Steering.” Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, Brown University.>

M. Billinghurst, D. Belcher, H. Kato, K. Kiyokawa, I. Poupyrev (2002). “Experiments with Face-to-face Collaborative AR Interfaces,” Virtual Reality, Vol. 4, No. 2. p. 107-121.

W. Warren, B. Fajen, D. Belcher (2001) “Behavioral dynamics of steering, obstacle avoidance, and route selection”  Journal of Vision, Vol.1, p. 184.


Magna Cum Laude – Academic Honors at Brown University

Honors in Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences – for research: “Route Selection and Learning: Experiments in the Behavioral Dynamics of Steering.”

Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Grant – for excellence in undergraduate research.

Rosenthal Memorial Scholarship – Support for Summer Internship.

Brown Internship Aid Program Grant – Full support for study at the HITLab.

William Easton Louttit Scholarship – Financial Support at Brown University.


Design Technology Council, LMN Architects. Firm-wide council on Design Technology, BIM and CAD systems, and emerging interfaces.

Faculty Search Committee member for the Design Computing tenure-track position in the Design Machine Group, CBE, UW. 2007-2008.

Student Representative for Faculty Search Committee in the Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, Brown University. Spring 2002.


Platforms: macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux/Unix variants (Ubuntu, RedHat, sgi IRIX).

Languages: C#, ObjectiveC, C/C++, Java & ECMA-script, VB.NET, Processing.

Web and Graphic Design: HTML, php, WordPress, Adobe Creative Tools.

Modeling/Rendering: Rhino & Grasshopper, 3DSMax, Maya, Inventor, Solidworks, SketchUp. V-Ray.

BIM: Autodesk Revit Architecture & API. Bentley Architecture, Microstation.

Non-Linear Editing and Film: Adobe Premiere, Aftereffects. Final Cut Studio. Boujou.

3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping: Objet Alaris30, RepRap, MagicsRP.

Other: GenerativeComponents. GIS. HDRI, Ecotect, Radiance, DAYSIM, eQuest, TAS Ambiens, gbXML. ARToolKit. OpenGL.


English: Mother-tongue.

French: Mastery, 5 years immersive use.

Pulaar: Mastery, 2 years immersive use. US State Department Certification.

Wolof: Conversational, 2 years everyday use.

Japanese: Conversational, 3 years study, 5 months immersive use in Sendai Japan.

Singhala: Conversational, 1 year frequent use in Kandy, Sri Lanka.


ARCH 380: Introduction to Computing in ArchitectureCBE, UW – Summer 2008, Winter 2010
Instructor for intro-level undergraduate course introducing basic concepts of architectural and design computing.

ARCH 504: The Industrial IncubatorCBE, UW – Winter 2008
Co-instructed 3rd-year MArch architecture studio with Professor Nicole Huber. Responsible for digital instruction.

IND E 543: Virtual Interface TechnologyUW – Fall 2007
Invited lecturer for Professor Tom Furness’s Industrial Engineering Graduate Seminar. Covered Augmented Reality segment of the course.


U.S. Peace Corps – Senegal – 2003-2005 – Volunteer (RPCV) – Agro-forestry Extension
Community Development volunteer living in the small rural village of Kohel.  Responsible for organizing large-scale tree out-plantings, orchard establishment and extension of agro-forestry technologies such as live-fences, wind-breaks, etc.  Managed and oversaw the installation of a water pipeline extension, latrine building, and irrigation projects.

LEED APUSGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Accredited Professional