Sketching Dynamic Geometry

Lately, I’ve been exploring the intersection between sketching, coding, and parametric modeling.  I’ve been working on an app for the iPad that relies on some interactions that will hopefully lead to a balance between “manual” and parametric modeling.

Grasshopper and SketchUp are two of my favorite design applications, so, if you know those beautifully crafted softwares, you will see where I’m going with this.  At this point, I’ve only just scratched the surface, and I thought I’d share a little bit of what I’ve been up to…

More to come.

P-cha K-cha

pechakucha_seattlegoingrogue_web I’m nolonger a Pecha Kucha newbie.  Along with a bunch of uber-talented presenters/artists/burlesque dancers, I took part in Pecha Kucha Seattle Chapter #12 at Ouch My Eye in SoDo this past Thursday evening.  I presented a quick 6:40 called “Some Motifs on Early Adopters” which was a pseudo-autobiographical ode to the innovators, early adopters (and fast followers) I’ve crossed paths with.  Pecha Kucha is a great format…it avoids the slow versions of “Death By Powerpoint,” but it is certainly still possible to commit swift “Suicide By Powerpoint” (if one wanted to).  None of the presentations during #12 came anywhere close…all were extremely funny and energetic.  I just wish I weren’t suffering from a massive sinus-infection before, during, and after the event.  Even still, the energy in the room kept the pain at bay, and I’m glad to see all the creative crowd get nice and unprofessional in front of each other.  Hats off to everyone who was in the room.  Pecha Kucha is my new favorite Japanese onomatopoeia (up there with puru puru puru & wan wan, wan wan).